Dump Trump

 As I continue to research my Scottish roots, I've found the deepest connection I share with my distant relatives; our incredible disdain for this piece of shit.

 Click any pic for a closer look.

Scotland forever!


Oh, they hate Donald Trump and his golf course alright!
Vivian Swift said…
My two great grandfathers came from Edinburgh and I've never been more proud of my lucky stars. Thank you for this. I'm going to email a link to this post to all my family. (Every last one of them are cat people, but they';l love your Ws, too.)
Mary said…
I have no Scots relations, but I am proud of them anyway. They tell it like they see it!

Well they said it best in all those ways above. This is truly... truly.. dumbfounding, this whole mess. :-(

Soo good today :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!

bobbie said…
Being of Scottish descent myself, RIGHT ON!!! Makes me proud!
Leanna said…
Yeppers. The Scotts win hands down. Didn't know half those words were swearing words.
Susan said…
I believe ignorant fuckmuppet has now become part of my vocabulary. My Scottish genes are triumphant! This is priceless.
Guillaume said…
I have some Scottish blood myself.
Sol said…
Just in case you dont know what a wotsit is, it is like a cheeto. orange flavoured cheese dust on the outside.

And they really do say jobby for poop. My 97 year old neighbour loves dropping it into conversation. "ye cannae polish a jobby" she says. (she is as Scottish as it comes)

I think they were rather upset about the amount of Scottish tax paying money that was used to defend him with snipers on his weekend visit to his golf course. 1.2 million pounds for the snipers on scaffolding! to keep back people with hand made placards. absolutely not necessary at all for a round of golf. let alone the money it costs for his whole stay in Scotland. They would have been 'blithering about it and been peely wally'. ha ha
LEfting said…
I watched a documentary about the building of his awful golf course...the way he treated the locals, and how he ripped them off, nearly made me sick. And he's gone down hill since then.
Oberon's Wood said…
Wow, he is so loved isn't he?
I hate to think what would happen if folks didn't like him! ;o)