Dump Trump


Leanna said…
Every day I wake up, turn on the TV and hope and pray that the screen shows
Mueller in front of news cameras stating that all evidence is conclusive that Pres.Trump His family, and Vice Pres. Pence are spies for the Russian government and have been turned over to the proper legal authorities for processing.
PLEASE! Please, Mr. Mueller, hurry and get this pig before his term is up so he doesn't take Air Force One and flee to Russia.
Christer. said…
Soo good today :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
I hope you get rid of the Swine. I hope.
bobbie said…
These are great, as always! I'm with Leanna ~ I can hardly wiat to see what Mueller comes up with!
Kay said…
He absolutely turns my stomach. He is truly such a baby. And yet almost half the country supports him. That's the scary part.