New Year's Day Party 2019

I apologize in advance for the preponderance of photos.  I keep this blog like a journal so I can refer back to it to remind me what I've done.

Next year I can look at this post so I don't repeat what I've done this year.

I awoke yesterday with a lot of cooking looming ahead of me and realized I had the cold from hell.  Ugh!

I broke out the Alka Seltzer and plodded on.

I had to make the decision to cancel everyone's New Year's dinner plans or chance exposing them to the cold.  Most of them had just gone through this nasty cold so I didn't cancel.  I just did fist bump greetings to the other guests.

I baked a ham and a turkey breast for the main dishes.

And I made a lot of finger food for the rest. This is my chicken liver pate' and my country pate'.

I made meat and cheese platters.

And Buffalo chicken meatballs.  I knew The Blog Tech would love the meatballs so I told him to make sure to try them.  He said he had already eaten a dozen.  I guess I was right.

I made chicken, bacon and cheddar rolls.  These were eaten with homemade ranch dip.  Some of the guests ate so many of these that they went into bread comas.

The Blog Tech was in charge of taking the photos and he forgot to get pics of the desserts.  I will try to get them from someone's phone and post them tomorrow.  I made this tiramisu trifle that was topped with whipped cream and shaved chocolate just before serving.  But my daughter made a 'Mounds' cake, (like the candy bar).  Not only was it gorgeous but it was delicious too.  She also made macarons that were to die for.  It was a fun party and now I am couched in front of the TV, kleenex box in hand, for at least today.


Valerie said…
Happy New Year! What a wonderful spread!
Leanna said…
Happy New Year!!
Wow!! What a spread. You said you were with a kleenex box, I hope you aren't sick. Right now is the time for the flu and nasty colds. If you are getting sick, please take care of yourself.
I don't understand how the Blog Tech can eat the way he does and still retain his streamlined figure. I'm SO envious, lol! And I hope you feel better soon, Joyce.
StrictlyMystic said…
I'm loving your footed wooden boards. (It goes without saying that I'm drooling over the wonderful food!) Your parties are a perfect example of food being a feast for the eyes before being a feast for the stomach. Thank you for sharing!
Guillaume said…
Happy New year again! Wow you don't go half way when you make a feast. Reminds me of the buffet we had in my grandmother's place for New Year. Except that everyone was bringing something and she had ten children!
Unknown said…
Happy new year. Keep your post coming. Look forward to your post. Love your recipes, puppy post, and most of all, your political post. Tammy
Even if you didn’t have a cold, you deserve to rest.
wow what a spread. everything looks utterly delicious. feel better soon.
Alicia Foodycat said…
Happy New Year! The blog as a journal is so useful. The other day Paul asked me about a dish he'd had in a restaurant and I was able to find the exact details, several years on.