The Bloodhounds and The Chow Chows

The W's were so excited because Ziggy came to visit and brought his big brother.  Winnie is trying to open the gate.  (Click for a better look)

 Ziggy's brother, Charlie, spent the night with Ziggy so he got to join playtime yesterday morning.

 Winnie played with Charlie when she was little but this was the first time Willie met him.

 The bloodhounds spent the beginning of playtime sniffing everything out.

 The W's waited patiently.

 Willie followed the new guy around watching his every move.

 Willie takes a break.

 Up and down the driveway, over and over again.

 Winnie takes the bloodhounds on.

 Willie joins in.

 Rawrrrrr....Willie puts on his mean play face.

 Ziggy grabs Willie's tail.

 Willie plays dead.

 The bloodhounds double up.

 And the chow chows charge.

 Willie goes down again....notice a pattern here?

 Winnie keeps a close eye on her little brother.

 Then Ziggy goes down.  And look, the slipper appears out of nowhere, found by one of the bloodhounds.

 Ziggy and Charlie have a tug of war.

 Willie is like...whatever!

 Willie is down again.

 Winnie makes sure this is all just play.

 Winnie warns Ziggy.

 And Charlie has a little talk with Winnie.  Charlie is the oldest out of this gang.

Charlie says....don't worry about your baby....I am a gentle giant.

And then it is time to go home and no one is happy.


Leanna said…
Awwwww, playtime for the puppies. They are all so sweet when they play.
Christer. said…
So fun to see them all play :-)

Have a great day!

Cottage Tails said…
Brent & I enjoyed the photos. We have never ever seen a bloodhound here in NZ. Their chops must sling some good goobers.
loved this story of the pups. looks like a good time was had by all.
Guillaume said…
It's sweet to see such canine friendship. My in-laws are babysitting a dog today, which reminded me of your post.