Back to the Country

I never got around to starting any seeds for my garden this year.  I usually start most of my plants which saves a ton of money.  However, I found a place in a Mennonite area that sells plants at a very reasonable price so I drove there yesterday to buy some.  I passed this cute little Mennonite farmhouse on the way. (click on any pic to enlarge)

The fields had just been plowed.

The animals were busy grazing.  I'm sure they are happy to be back in the fields again.

 A Mennonite church.

There are huge farms in this area.

A smiley face on a barn.

 I came home with lots to plant.  I'm waiting another week to get vegetables but my geraniums, lettuce and herbs are all going in today.

Geraniums were 1.50 each which is the cheapest I've ever found them.

Maybe I can grow vegetables like these.

Meanwhile, the needy W's hang out front in the nice Spring weather waiting for someone, anyone to pet them.


FreeDragon said…
The top pic is peter pepper. It's a very hot heirloom. I got some from my uncle and I have been searching for peter pepper ever since.
It looks like a bargain for plants...
I have taken to buying started plants too...I have limited space so it makes sense
I hope you have a great day planting!
Leanna said…
My Goddess! Buying plants at that price is a steal. Such sad looking babies. Do they get pats from any school kids on their way home? Who could pass up those sweet faces?
Those veggies made me laugh!
Guillaume said…
Boy these vegs! I am speechless.
loved the naughty veggies. a ride in the country is always nice. those two pups are not lacking attention, i'm sure.