The Front Garden

 Geraniums line my front steps.

 The mock oranges are blooming and smell heavenly.

 The path to the side gate.

*BTW, a lot of people commented on the garage bathroom so I thought I would explain why I have one .  One reason is the pool. People can shower and change in it.  The main reason is that we garden a lot and when we are dirty, we can shower in the garage or use the bathroom without having to come into the main house.  I live on top of a mountain and have huge elevation changes so it has been very convenient to have a bathroom  right out in the garden.

 The tree peonies are about to bloom.

 A view through the snake gate.

 It's very lush out there this time of year.

 Hostas, ferns and ladies mantle.

Weeping hemlocks.

 Willie waiting to go walking.

 Blurry Winnie coming to join the walk.

 That's better Winnie, now we can see you.

Today is power washing and boxwood trimming day.  Woohoo...what fun!


It did not surprise me in the least that you have a garden bathroom.
Marcia said…
Is your house a victorian style? That front veranda is so lovely.
Susan said…
I think having a bathroom in the garage is brilliant! Who needs to track all that dirt into the house? (Well, the Ws....but I'm sure they are forgiven). Your gardens are so completely gorgeous. It must make your house look like an oasis. I don't envy your having to trim all those boxwoods...
Christer said…
Beautiful as always!
We are a bit behind here, both the tree peony and the mock oranges still have buds and with this cool weather we'll have from now on I guess it'll take some time until they open up.

I think it is cool to have a garage bathroom :-) To be honest I sort of have too, the old outhouse is still in the garage but I have all my garden things there now days :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Rain said…
Beautiful Joyce. You would never know there are actual PEOPLE lurking on the other side of all that beauty! You look like you live in the country! I love the snake gate!!! And those geraniums look splendid lined on your stairs!!
Cottage Tails said…
looking lovely as always
gorgeous. i love the geraniums.
Guillaume said…
Gorgeous. Well, as usual.