Father's Day Dinner

I had a busy day yesterday as I prepared a dinner for my husband and kids for Father's Day.  My daughter baked her father this cake.  It's a banana pudding cake.

 I made a shrimp and scallop curry with coconut, almond rice.

It was served with arugula on the side.

 I found fiddleheads at the farmer's market on Saturday.  I was thrilled because I never find them around here.  In fact, I planted a bunch of Ostrich ferns this year just so I can harvest my own.

Our favorite way to eat them is prepared in an Asian marinate.  These disappeared in an instant.

 I baked a bunch of French bread so everyone could take home leftovers.  I made 4X the curry recipe because it's one of The Blog Tech's favorites and now he can eat it for a few days.

 I also made the French bread so we could eat the scape butter I made on Saturday.  I found the first garlic scapes at the farmer's market and turned them into this butter....delicious!

 Just as I do with my ramps, I make this compound butter and froze it.  Everyone loves getting freshly baked bread with a scoop of this to go with it.

This amazing cake was filled with banana pudding, vanilla wafer layers and buttercream frosting and topped with dried banana slices.  My husband was in cake heaven.

 The Blog Tech brought his new toy along to play with.  It's an electric fly swatter.  He waited and waited to find a fly in the house.

The pups finally let one in, The Blog tech was ready......ZAP!!!  Fly toast.

The W's were very unimpressed.


What a feast! Fit for a king!
Marcia said…
Have you ever thought of writing a cook book? You have some amazing recipes!
When I had a garden I would harvest the ramps and use them like scallions in stir fry. Never had fiddle heads but did have ostrich ferns in the perennial garden. They spread crazily, popping up where I least expected them to be.
Leanna said…
Wow! Awesome dinner. I can almost taste the fiddleheads. And that cake looked so damned good.
Guillaume said…
I had a lovely Sunday roast, but this is even better.
I have an electronic flyswatter, but it looks like a tennis racket. It is my weapon for fruit flies. As they rise up, I put the flyswatter above them and listen to the popping. All your dishes looks delicious.
Felicia said…
Your daughter obviously inherited your amazing cookery skills. Your blog is always such fantastic eye candy! Thank you so much for sharing!
Kay said…
This was such a fun blog post. Love the fly swatter. And the food, oh the food. Your husband had a day to remember and cherish.
Rain said…
Hey Joyce :) That scape butter looks scrumptious! What a treat! I haven't had shrimp in ages...I need to make some shrimp scampi soon, butter and garlic are the best combo! That cake oooooh!!! The W's are so cute, lol I wish I had that electric fly swatter! Blog Tech looks like he's having the time of his life stalking the flies lol! :)