And So It Begins

I found candy corn in the store yesterday.  It is a sure sign that the Fall season is beginning.

The first thing I do each Fall is place candy corn in my vintage glass corn crib and my family knows that the fun has begun.

 Candy corn is now made with honey instead of corn syrup. How very healthy.

 Junior mints have black and orange centers.

And a sure sign of Fall and The Blog Tech's favorite....Caramel Apple Sugar Babies!

I put the Witch Sisters out too.  The girls know how to get things moving along.  No dilly dallying when these two are watching.

A little witch cat lady is perched on my windowsill.

The first Halloween catalog arrived in the mail.  I try to savor every minute going forward because it always goes by too fast.  Now I look forward to finding my first pumpkin.  With all the rain we've had this spring and summer, I am expecting that it will be a wonderful pumpkin year.  I am guessing I might snag my first one in a little over two weeks.

I don't know what it is with Nordic Ware but no one seems to hold on to it.  I found this unused turkey mold at a thrift shop yesterday.

 I am working on Thanksgiving things every day.  I painted some of the candle holders I bought last week and I found these three sheaves of wheat candle holders.....perfect.

I finished My Daughter's rockers and here they are sitting on her front porch.  I love thrift shopping and Fall.


No one spots the first signs of Halloween earlier than you!
Leanna said…
I got my Grandinroad catalog yesterday and I squealed with happiness. You are so right. When Grandinroad sends out their HH catalog autumn is almost here. Just one more month guys. Just one more month.
This boggles my mind. I cannot even begin to think of Thanksgiving. Except, I do like your finds and displays.
Christer. said…
I guess that Nordic wear is popular gifts since they are so beautiful. Sopeople tend to get too much of it and thankfully it seems they go tothrift stores :-)

Too hot here at the moment to think of autumn but the signs are here, soon my perennial sunflowers will open their first buds and that always mean autumn is close.

Have a great day!

Rain said…
Oh the rockers look amazing!!!! :) I see one of your catalogs there, I'm going to look that up, I wonder if they deliver to Canada. I LOVE candy corn, ha! Honey is healthier I suppose!! :)
Betty said…
The rockers look great. I knew it was fall when my Mom would take me to the peanut shop to buy candy corn and peanuts. She would add them to a candy dish when we got home. That was the only time she bought candy corn.
Guillaume said…
Oh yes, it feels like autumn is on its way here too! Not that it is cool or anything, but after the heatwave that we had last week, the drop of temperature is dramatic.