Witch Fashion

I was perusing some of the latest witch fashions and thought you might like to see a few.  First up, witch belts.

Bat and moon.

Two belts for carrying potions.

My favorite.

I have a gold bracelet that matches this one.

Witch boots.

My favorite.  I actually had these in black when I was younger.

Witch hats.

I love this one with the felted mushrooms and the spider web.

For a crooked witch.

A witch crown.

I came across this one on pinterest and it's mine.  I made this years ago.

This is in St. Laurents Fall line.

This is fabulous.

This is my fave!

A moon phase top.

A casual witch look. Witch (which) one would you wear?


Valerie said…
Love these! Time to start stitching for fall!
What the well-dressed witch is wearing this fall!
Rain said…
I love those dresses! The witch boots remind me of my younger years. I had some and I also made myself a black cape that I wore as a winter coat. Lovely fashions!
bobbie said…
Which one would I wear?? All of the above!!
Betty said…
Love the crown and the dresses.
Susan said…
None of those hats can hold a candle to one of your creations!
Christer. said…
I'm not much for any kind of fashion but I do like that belt for carrying potions :-)

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
I love witch fashion.
Laura said…
Those are all very cool. Where did you find the picture 3rd from the bottom? I'd love to make that shawl!

ps...hugs to the puppers...
Leanna said…
Almost there...
love all the boots. and i'm crazy for the first and second belt. beautiful post.
I love the two capes. I have a lace cape that is all spider web design. When I wore earrings with moon on one ear and sun on the other, people at church were sort of frightened. I love moon earrings.
Herbalgirl said…
Your fave is also mine. Also love the last photo of the girl w blue hair and overalls.