Jack O'Lanterns

 I am much more of a pumpkin girl, not liking Jack O'Lanterns as much.  But then, I am very much more a Fall person than a Halloween fan.  For me, Halloween means it's over.  However, I've been known to carve a mean Jack O'Lantern on occasion.  Click any pic for a closer look.

 I actually used to be very much into Halloween;  but that was before it became the big commercialized holiday that it is today.  I liked it when I made all of my own decorations.

 I have been thinking about how I might want to carve my pumpkins this year.  I really like this firefly Jack O'Lantern.

 I'm afraid Willie would eat this one.

 And if this isn't the cutest!!!!

 I love this one, especially the look on the friend's faces.

 This one might give me nightmares.

 Why do so many JOL's look like my father?


 This might be more my style.

 We all want to eat our own sometimes, don't we?

 This might be my favorite.  I sometimes look like this when I walk into my garage.

 If I do something wrong, I want to end up in Jack O'Lantern jail.

And if you hang on to your pumpkins until Thanksgiving, like I do, we can carve this one after we eat our Thanksgiving dinner.


Marcia LaRue said…
I especially love the one with scared hair and the spider!
Leanna said…
I like my jack-o-lanterns on fire.
Christer. said…
I like them all!

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
I am glad I'm not the only one in the mood for Halloween.
Rain said…
OMG the hamburger one is hilarious! I've been thinking about how I'll outdo myself from last Halloween! I used to carve 4-5 each year, but I'm downsizing to one or two now!