A Girl's Night

 We had so much fun last night.  We had a girl's night at my daughter's house.  She baked this incredible cake and I made the food.

The cake was a vanilla bean white cake with white chocolate, peppermint frosting.

 Not only was it gorgeous, it was delicious.

 I made a platter of loaded hummus and Baba ghanoush and served it with pita triangles.

 I poached salmon and served it with a cucumber/dill sauce.

 I made Asian chicken salad and served it with pao de queijo (Brazilian cheese puffs).  These friends LOVE pao de queijo so I made them about 100 of them to take home and freeze.

 Deviled eggs and grapes leaves.

 Marinated shrimp and cocktail sauce.

 My daughter had cute little Santa plates to serve the cake on.

 My daughter's house is really the Xmas cottage.  She has decorated every nook and cranny. 

 She also made chocolates with fresh raspberries because one friend is a chocoholic!

 This is the inside of the cake.

 I think this was the best cake I've ever tasted.

She even decorated each of the trees on it.  No one wanted to cut it because it was so pretty but we dug in anyway. It was a great little Xmas party!


What a feast! And OMG that cake! THAT CAKE!
Megs said…
What a wonderful array of food! I love beautiful cakes that taste good, too!
your platter looks delicious. that cake was beautiful. holidays are so much fun.
Guillaume said…
I love a good smoked salmon in December. It makes me feel like detoxing before the eating excesses of Christmas. And I'd also feel less guilty about eating a dessert.
Rain said…
Your daughter is amazingly talented! And look at your loaded hummus!!! I love it!!
Valerie said…
Whoa! That's some serious cooking and eating!