Christmas Treats

 When I was a little girls, my mother always had a special box of Xmas candy that she bought from a wonderful chocolate maker close by.  It was a treat we all looked forward to.  That shop is long gone but I still like to place bowls of special candy around the house during the holidays. Ribbon candy was always one of my favorites.  You can buy ribbon candy in many stores around Xmas but the good old fashioned kind can only be found from Hammond's or the Vermont Country Store.  I think the Country Store's is the best so I order it from there. 

 They still wrap it individually so it arrives in whole pieces.

 I also buy a tin of their old fashioned hard tack.

 You forget how good these old Xmas candies are until you buy these.  The ones for sale in the grocery store or drug store don't come close.

 They also carry lot's of other old time favorites like these Maple Walnut Creams.

Another favorite this year are these Balsam and Clove candles from Sur la Table.  I am very sensitive to artificial smells but these don't bother me.  They make the house smell like Xmas.

 The W's are very excited about all of the holiday happenings.

The sit next to me all day as I work, waiting for some Xmas surprises to come their way.


Mmmmm, a balsam/clove combo would be a wonderful fragrance! Ribbon candy was part of my childhood too. You could only buy it at Christmas. Sort of like candy canes -- special for the season.
Leanna said…
My aunt on my father's side of the family had a small candy shop in Maryland. She made the best hard candies and fudge. She made the best peanut brittle. I also buy my hard candies from The Vermont Country Store. I especially love the raspberry filled candies and the lemon drops. I've never bought candles from Sur la Table. I have to check it out.
Christer. said…
The best place here to find olt time candy is on markets but those are rare I'm afraid. The best markets are the ones in south east of Sweden and it's just too far away just to get some candy, no matter how delicious they are :-)

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
I am not a big fan of hard candies, but I would buy these just for the box.
I don't like ribbon candy, but I like the look of it at Christmas. Around May I would always empty the covered candy dish for someone to take away-- a teen or delivery person or lawn guy. The ones you mentioned to order might be more to my liking.