Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone.  It feels very 'Valentiney' here because of the new engagement and yes, plans are madly underway for the big day.  I knew about the impending proposal for weeks but was sworn to secrecy.  I think it was the hardest secret I've ever had to keep.  To make up for the silence, my mind was in overdrive planning the wedding.  At this point, in my head, the wedding has been planned.  Now we just have to go through the motion of booking things and such.

 It helped that I had cookie baking to keep my hands busy.  I baked for all of my friends.  Nutter butters are everyone's favorites.

 Brownie mint cups.

 Brandy cut outs.

 Some were packed and shipped to family.

 And many cookie platters were assembled.

 And wrapped.

 And tied up with bows.  Deliveries are happening today.

 I had extras for The Blog Tech to serve at a party he and his wife are throwing this evening.

I hope you do something sweet today!


It must have been torment to keep such a big secret!
Valerie said…
You are inspiring me to bake today! Maybe gingerbread cookie hearts dipped in maple white chocolate frosting/glaze.
Betty said…
Congrats on the new Engagement in your Family. I love to bake too and those cookies look so good.
I am sure that was torment keeping that secret. Pretty cookies!
Leanna said…
I made cowboy cookies for David. They are his absolute favorite cookie now. Happy Valentines Day.
your cookies look delicious. take time out to do something special for yourself today too. it's so exciting about the engagement. i know you are going into overdrive with all the wedding planning. it'll be here before you know it.
ps) Happy Valentine's Day.
Guillaume said…
I ate my weight in sugar and chocolate.
Rain said…
All of your cookies look awesome and I love the way you packaged them! We had our fondue but had to eat store bought bread - ICK. There was no substance to it!! But we got a new piece for the stove so I can bake as of tomorrow again!