Quarantine Day #15 Cooking for Family

 My daughter in laws mother is sick.  She was tested last night but we think she has the virus.  She certainly has all of the symptoms. It will take a couple days to get the results.   She sat in a line for over 6 hours to get tested a couple days ago, and they turned her away.  Finally, her doctor arranged testing.  Meanwhile, I made her some food.  I even made her an Easter basket.

I made her Italian wedding soup.

 And her favorite.....pierogies with onions.

 This will keep her fed for a while.

 I made her an Appalachian sweet bread and a basket of pao de queijo. I'm not naming names but someone dipped into these cheesy Brazilian bites before they arrived at their destination.

 I made some garlic bread to go with the soup.

A bit of advice.


I hope she recovers soon! If pierogies can't cure this virus, I don't know what will.
Marcia said…
It may be awhile before she eats all that. From what I hear it affects your sense of taste. Just watched Mayor Pete's instagram interview with a NYC doctor who has had it. Very informative. She said the loss of taste is an interesting precursor of the disease.
Mary said…
Hope she is well very soon, just thinking about pierogies makes me feel better. I have discovered Amazon ( Whole Foods ) delivery I am so happy!
DVArtist said…
I so hope she recovers from what ever she is suffering from. The food looks so good and I know she appreciates. Elbow Hugs.
I do hope she isn't too hard hit by it! At least she won't need to cook and that means a lot!

Have a great day and take care!

Cottage Tails said…
I'm sure the food will be very much enjoyed. But all a bit close to home for you ((HUGS)))
Guillaume said…
Sweet meme. I would love to try that garlic bread. And the soup! I love everything Italian.
Rain said…
This little piggie is staying home for sure. :) The basket looks really great, you always put such a nice decorative flair in everything you do! Hope she tests negative!
chickpea678 said…
What a wonderful gesture of care! I’m sure much appreciated, from a practical as well as an emotional standpoint. I hope she is better very soon. I just recently heard that covid can take a 5-7-14 day period to recuperate depending if you get a mild to moderate to more severe case.