House Dreaming

 Hopefully next Spring I will be adding an addition to my guesthouse.  I have been working on the design though Corona slowed things down considerably.    My main goal is to blend the inside with the outside so the garden can be enjoyed throughout all of the seasons.

I love this stone sink.  I keep bookmarking things I come across and then I go back sometime later and keep them or eliminate them.  It's funny how many I throw out.  Being slowed down by the virus is actually a good thing.

 I am loving all of the iron and glass doors and windows I am seeing.  Somehow, I am sure I will incorporate these into the overall scheme.

Not your old sliding doors by a longshot.

 I also love combining them with soapstone countertops and sink.  It looks striking with white cabinets and it's also has a very organic feel.

 An all stainless kitchen is tempting too.

 But this is a nice look.  I need a big center island.

 This is nice too but I wouldn't want my oven blocking the view.

 I also like an all white kitchen that can be highlighted with accents.

 An old architect cabinet would be wonderful for storage.  I could easily fill up all the drawers.

 Light fixtures like these would look so nice.

 I will be redoing the entire basement at the same time.  I want to put a full bath down there along with a laundry/craft room and a lot of storage. This stone shower would fit right in.

 I have some small basement rooms and I am definitely turning them into this.

 Though I would really love this.  A canner's dream.

 The basement floor is going to be tricky because it is certainly not level and it has many height shifts.  The answer might be one of these "new linoleum" floors. There are so many to choose from and they sure don't look like the stuff we remember from years ago.

The ones that look like wood are very nice but a bit busy for me.  I might end up with one that looks like slate.  There are so many decisions to make so I am glad to not be in a hurry to get this done.  I like to think about these things for a long time so I'm sure I am making the right choices.


Mary said…
I love daydreaming about more space, not possible here. Funny the soapstone sink and countertop photo (# 5) I have on my kitchen wish list.
I know you will come up with a spectacular design! And lots of storage.
Helen said…
Love the ideas. My only comment would be don't make your kitchen too 'long' with an island. You'll be 'running' back and forth, and around. But then I'm not into 'KITCHENS' as a major space. Yes it's nice to have a good one to cook in, but it also has to be cleaned up. I'd rather spend my time somewhere else. lol
Guillaume said…
Lovely project.
chickpea678 said…
It will be really fun to see your ideas transform into a real addition! We get to “do” the project with you!
DVArtist said…
Yes house dreaming. I am renting right now. First time I have not owned a home. So I know about those house dreams.
Rain said…
Oh the dreaming...I love the stone shower! And that canning pantry would be heaven for sure. Alex and I have so many ideas for this place...we'll be dreaming for a long time before we can start to renovate!