Hey America, Let's Not Do That Again

What the letter that Trump left for Biden reads:



Ha ha, those letters, especially "Eric is now yours!"
Guillaume said…
After Caligula was assassinated, the Romans took his name off the list of emperors and destroyed his images, as is to erase him from memory. Just sayin'.
Laura said…
Michelle Obama is breathtaking. I wish she would run for office.

The abuse she took (and still does) just infuriates me.
You balways publish really good ones but I think these are the best so far!

Mike said…
It's sad that the idiots' picture will be on those posters of all the presidents. I wonder how long it will be before kids will go 'who's that?' when they see his picture.
Kay said…
I'm really curious what Trump really wrote in that letter to Pres. Biden.