The Last Day of February 2021

Willie is missing his snow. All of it has melted with our warm weather.

But Willie and The Blog Tech say hi!


I do like all three photos :-)

Have a great day!

Mike said…
Our doggie is missing the snow also. It melted fast once it hit 60.
Leanna said…
Yep, we have been enjoying 60-degree weather all week long. What is bothersome is that Texas is still without safe drinking water in some parts and most of them have forgotten why we had these problems in the first place. They will let the privately owned electric and water companies just go on their merry little way gouging the stupid forgetful Republican Texans and not make the upgrades they were supposed to make 10 years ago all over again.
Texas should be a warning to the rest of the united states. This is what happens when Republicans run everything for the past 20 odd years. Infrastructures fail and the state hasn't moved into the 21st century as the rest of America has. We have had three Republican governors since Ann Richards and nothing has gotten done.
Kay said…
Oh my! Finally a dog with more fur than our granddog.
Susan said…
Willie is one handsome fellow! My two much prefer snow that the sleet and rain we are in for today.