Is America now suffering from 'If I can't see it, it must not have happened'?


Marcia LaRue said…
I just read on-line this morning that those books will no longer be printed, however, they will remain on shelves in Libraries and such! Trying to be so very PC ... that's a good thing especially in dealing with children and how other folks/cultures are treated in this Country.
JustGail said…
Time to go shopping for a couple of books. Again.
Have they banned Dr. Seuss books???

Then again I'm not surprised since there now are people who say that there was no snow in Texas, that it's all a hoax!

Mike said…
There are 70+ Dr. Suess books. 6 of them had problems. I saw on the news where they were trying to rewrite them but finally decided to pull them. I think they should have put more effort into rewrites.
I have not seen the books, so hard to say. Other cultures represent us as cowboys, so I am not so sure what to think of that, either. It there is the possibility to offend, then okay.
Kay said…
Oh gosh! I have a post about this very subject going up tomorrow. My son wouldn't let me give his sons books by Dr. Seuss because of the past history. I had no idea. I was uncomfortable with some of the pictures, but just disregarded them. I can see how by not talking about it, I didn't use the opportunity to bring a better awareness for my little first grade students when I was teaching.
Bee Haven Bev said…
I actually applaud Dr. Seuss for this. However I am sickened by how FOX news makes everything out to be the fault of the Biden Administration. I am tired of their proliferation of un-truths!!!!