A Birthday

 I am using this last day of winter to hit the road since there is no way I can work outside.  It was 26 degrees when I woke up this morning. All outside work is on hold for now and will remain this way until Sunday at the earliest.  We had 1-1/2 inches of snow yesterday.  This is the latest I can remember having snow.  I had to put every single plant back in the garage. I am hoping that things that could not be moved survived.

On another note....this little boy turned 3 today.  Happy Birthday Willie!!!

This harness wouldn't even fit over his head now!

The sweetest puppy ever born. We love you Boo Bear!


Mary V said…
Tip of the iceberg is right indeed, my heart breaks. Sad when even family and friends still refer to blacks as “they”. Like it is a different class of people. On a happier note thankfully no snow her, but back to cold. I was about to put all my amaryllis on porch for warm weather but then is AM 39 degrees. Brrrrrr.
People can deny the tip is real, but we all know the rest of the iceberg is there.
Happy Birthday to EVERYONE!
Guillaume said…
Happy birthday Willie! One day after mine.
Happy Birthday Willie :-)

We got two inches of snow during last night but almost all of it has already melted away. Still too low temperatures to have any plants outside yet.
The latest day I remember we had snow was when I graduated from highschool, June sixth :-) :-) but that was well over 36 years ago :-)

Have a great day!

FreeDragon said…
Happy birthday, pretty puppy!

It's very cold where I live, too, but we didn't have snow, thank goodness.
Valerie said…
Cold here too, after a week of 70-80 degrees. No frost, thank goodness. Happy birthday, Willie!