My hands are permanently dirty and I'm starting to get a tan.  I've been spending many hours in the garden in our unusually hot, sunny weather. The W's follow me everywhere.  Winnie takes her place on the witch shed porch.

Willie really wants to lay on that porch too but Winnie is the boss.

The second that Winnie runs off to check out a noise, Wil's makes his move.

But in this horrible heat, they both give up the game and lay in the shade of the potting shed.  The potting shed has a brick floor that is the coolest place around which Willie commandeers. Winnie lays on the cool millstone.  Smart puppers.


This is my new invention...a bean pole!

I used an old discarded patio umbrella stand.

I placed a metal pole in the tube part that held the umbrella.

I topped it with an old metal garden stake that had loops around the edges.

I tied string from the base to the loops on the top. Then I planted climbing beans around the base.

Within 2 days the beans have already grown over 2 feet.  I can't wait to see how this turns out. This is the year of the bean for me.  I've already planted a dozen different kinds. 


I do like the bean pole! It will look nice when the beans cover it!

I do perhaps not wish we had Your temperatures but I sure don't like the snow that's falling over here right now. No chance of doing anything in the garden today.

Have a great day!

I love your bean pole because it works and looks like some of my concoctions for my garden and yard.
Guillaume said…
A,witch shed? That's very cool!
jaime said…
Sorry, I had to ask this because probably no one else is as immature: ;-)

Did you name your bean pole "Jack"?

What a great idea that is. Is it normal for beans to grow two feet in two days? They are growing in your magical garden, so I guess it makes sense.

The W's are so cute.
Rain said…
Smart about the beanpole!!! The W's are so sweet...I can't imagine how they can handle the hot weather at all with their coats! You've really been busy outside, good for you! :)
love your beanpole invention. cool. and look at the results already. your puppers are very sweet . love the way they switch up resting here or there.