Grooming day

These two went to the groomer yesterday.  They go every 3 weeks and it is the same routine every single time, yet, Willie has to be dragged to the car.  Neither of them like car rides but he detests them. Somehow, he manages to make himself a complete dead weight and with my husband and I both lifting him, we barely manage to get him in the car.  He loves being groomed, he just hates getting there.

Winnie came home with a bow on her head.

Willie was just clean.

They are always so happy to return home and they always drink a big bowl of water.

My 'fall flowering cherry' is blooming and it's gorgeous.

This is my geranium operating table. I've trimmed them, cleaned up their pots and added new dirt.  I wintered over around 100 plants this year and I didn't lose even one. I've never attempted to keep this many plants but I will in the future now that I've had this success.  Even my mums from last Fall are regrowing.

My radishes were planted and started to grow and then yesterday I found this....

The bastard squirrels dug them up.

Here is one of the little thieves.  I shouldn't say little because they are the size of large cats.


Guillaume said…
Grooming animals is always an issue. Thankfully cats groom themselves.
They sure look good the W's!

Our squirrels are so shy here that they won't come to my cottage even though the forest is so close. Too many cats around I guess and ours are tiny compared to Yours :-)

Have a great day!

Candace said…
Those little buggers - if they didn't provide so much entertainment! What I've done that past few years is buy green plastic "netting" on a roll at the variety or garden store. It's much heavier than bird netting. I cut it to the size of the raised bed I'm seeding and the squirrels are foiled! I use wire landscape pins to hold it down. I even did it with my garlic last fall. Once it started getting larger, I just trimmed around each garlic plant so they have enough room to grow. Good luck!
Unknown said…
Aaaah nice clean pups. Loving the little purple bow on Winnie's head. Those darn squirrels! While entertaining, they can be quite the nuisance.
Valerie said…
Oh, I always love seeing the Ws--they look so sharp after their grooming session.
Rain said…
Your flowering cherry tree is lovely! And so are the W's! :) I love that Winnie has a bow in her hair, she's such a girlie girl lol! :) Damn squirrels!!! They are eating through my shed at the moment...