Pumpkins in April

Yesterday we hit the road and made our first trip back to Amish country in a year. We stopped at a small barn shop way out in the country and look what I found.  It was serendipity I'm telling ya!  Apparently, an errant pumpkin seed germinated and grew one solitary pumpkin and I showed up at the right time and the right place to buy it.  But as my daughter reminded me, who else would buy a pumpkin in April.  This will get me through the next 4 months until I can buy him lots of fellow pumpkins.  It made me so very happy and gave me hope for the future.  It's a sign.  Of what, I do not know. But it sure made me smile.

There was not much for sale, as we were pushing the season, but we found lots of things we needed anyway. I'm too embarrassed to reveal how many fresh eggs I bought.  Let's just say that pickled eggs will be happening soon.

Sometimes you get stuck behind local traffic.

It was just so nice to be out and about in the countryside and see it wakening up for Spring.

We really enjoyed seeing all of the homes and farms.  We even saw a pet pig running around enjoying his front yard.  He was too fast for us to get a pic.

I wouldn't mind having a farmhouse like this one.

We saw this very cheerfully painted Victorian building in one of the small towns.

Quite a paint job!

All of the animals were out grazing the fields.

These two were waiting.

A perfect bucolic setting.

Which brings me back to where I started.  Isn't he purty?

I also picked up this nice metal farm basket too.


If anyone deserves to have a pumpkin in April, it's YOU!
bornfreev said…
The pumpkin in April may truly be a sign of something. Climate change popped into my mind!
bornfreev said…
Also, is that mustard greens in the pots on the table? I would so love a "mess o' greens" for lunch.
Guillaume said…
Maybe it's a sign the autumn will be early this year?
The countryside looks really nice! I could see the lawn mowing had started and I'm afraid I must start this weekend too. Can't say i look forward to it :-) :-)

That pumpkin looks perfect with its orange color! We really need more colors now after this winter.

Have a great day!

Always love your road trips. Made me smile there was a pumpkin for you xx
Susan Heather said…
Thank you for that lovely drive through Amish country.
Unknown said…
Oh yes, he is quite the beautiful pumpkin. Take care of him. Your part of the country is really greening up nicely. What beautiful photos. Thanks for taking us along.
Valerie said…
Beautiful photos--thank you for sharing!