A Very Nice Mother's Day

Mt daughter made me a beautiful and very yummy cake for Mother's Day.

She also made these Mary Berry Viennese swirl cookies which I have wanted to make for a while. They are wonderful and have been added to our cookie repertoire. 

This was just amazing.  Instead of a charcuterie platter, she made a charcuterie box.  What a great idea.  This would be fabulous to take on a boat or to a picnic.

She even formed the sliced meats into roses.


The Blog Tech got me these beautiful flowers.

And here are some of my other gifts.  I love wind chimes and have them all over my property.  I leave them up during winter and after a while, they weather.  So, my family kindly buys me new ones for holidays.

I can't wait to put them outside. Today has been a washout.  It's been raining nonstop so no outdoor activities at all.  I am not complaining, we really need this rain.

It was such a nice Mother's Day.  The W's gave me big smooches.  I only have a pic of Winnie though because Willie has a hot spot and is hiding from me.  In true motherly fashion, I am trying to treat it.  In true puppy fashion, he is having nothing to do with that happening.  A trip to the vet is called for.

I'm adding these pics because my daughter just sent them to me.  

Her kitchen is so much brighter than mine that her pics came out much better.

I hope that all of the mothers out there had a great day as well.


Susan said…
What a beautiful cake! My wind chimes went up this weekend. I’m glad to see that you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!
Wow, you hit the Mothers Day jackpot! Everything looks beautiful (flowers/chimes) or delicious (cake/cookies/charcuterie box)!
Guillaume said…
I so want that charcuterie platter. And that cake. HappyMother's Day again!
Julie Ferguson said…
The food looks delicious. I am glad you had a wonderful day.
Mary Bolton said…
What wonderful inspiration for future picnics and parties.
Copying the frosting!
Kay said…
OH MY GOSH! She's a chip off the ol' block! It's all absolutely gorgeous and looks super delicious.
Bee Haven Bev said…
Your kids are really good at Mothers Day!
Unknown said…
All that icing on that Mother's day cake looks yummy. I would be in heaven. Just give me a spoon and let me have at it.