Happy Saturday

Her: "Where are we gonna keep all this gasoline?"
Him: "In the garage - next to the forty-seven cases of toilet paper we bought last year."


Valerie said…
The only cases of voter fraud have been traced back to MAGA idiots.
They are all so good but I especially like the second one :-) :-)

That first one is entirely accurate.
Unknown said…
That 4th one is too much. What a couple of idiots. Greedy and selfish. Trumpers all the way.
Tucker Carlson is such an idiot!
Susan said…
Just when you think people can’t get more stupid, they start storing gasoline in plastic bags.
Mike said…
I would have taken one piece of pizza but then hung around the pizza boxes.
Guillaume said…
The second one about Tucker Carlson, spot on. Well, all of them are, but this one especially.