Thursday Chuckles



That first one hit me where I live!
Oneoldgoat1962 said…
I knew there was scientific support for my Tupperware struggles :) What a fun post this morning!

Marcia said…
Very funny. I'd seen the last one before. It's hilarious.
Marcia LaRue said…
"The last decent sleep" one had me LOL!
1/3 vs. 1/4 ... well, some folks are just stupid!!
All good ones once again! And, yes, the bubble gum one has been around for awhile ... that wad has been chewed before!
Leanna said…
I think I read that Tupperware incident in a Scientific magazine, not sure of the date they performed the experiment though. ;)
I die laughing every time I see the chewing gum meme. Thanks for the morning brightener. BTW, I'm stealing a few of these.
bobbie said…
I'm with Deb!! Thanks for the morning grins ~
So funny, all of them. I often talk about some old woman in church from when I was a new wife. One day, I realized I am older than the old women I complained about.
All so funny but the two first are best :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
The one about decent sleep. Spot on.
Unknown said…
The first three are hysterical. I'm still laughing.