A Father's Day Cake

The Blog tech and his dad went to a baseball game for Father's Day and My Daughter baked.  She made this masterpiece of a cake.

It was a chocolate Twix cake.

Between the chocolate cake layers, it had shortbread, caramel and caramel buttercream.

It also had an audience.

It was so tall that I had to cut it in half before slicing it in pieces.

A luscious slice of cake.

I made pizzas to go for my kids to take home.

My husband got one too.



OMG that cake! Magnificent!
Mary V said…
WOW now that is some great cake, yum
jaime said…
Spectacular cake, lusciousness on a fork.

Best comment: "It also had an audience" and who could blame the W's.
WOW! That is amazing! And, it looks delicious.
Teacats said…
Gorgeous cake!! Your daughter certainly can bake up a wonderful cake!!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage
Guillaume said…
I wish I've had that kind of cake yesterday. I love Twix on a normal day, I can only imagine in a cake!
Guillaume said…
Oh and the pizza looks yummy too.
Unknown said…
That cake. Wow. Looks yummy. Your homemade pizza looks delicious.