Frogmore Stew and Peach Cobbler

My Daughter and Son-in-Law came over for dinner the other day and I made southern Frogmore Stew. It's a combination of corn on the cob, shrimp, sausage and potatoes cooked in beer and water with lots of Old Bay Seasoning.  It's served with melted butter on the side.

I use a good locally made kielbasa and I slowly brown it before adding it to the stew.

I made polish cucumber salad as a side.

And hush puppies!

My Daughter made this wonderful ratatouille.

I macerated some peaches and blackberries earlier in the day.

Then melted some butter in small ramekins and added batter.

Then added the macerated fruit and baked them.

I served them topped with vanilla bean ice cream.

They are wonderfully decadent cobblers. 


Kathryn said…
Cute cobblers.💕
Rain said…
The cobbler looks amazing! And so does that stew, looks very delicious!
Everything looks delicious!

Have a great day!

Mystica said…
Everything looks so delicious.
Laura said… i want frogmore stew! and those cobblers...yummmm...

love, kisses & magical wishes...

ps...hugs to the pups!