Unfitted Kitchens That You Love

 Some of you said that you were not familiar with the term unfitted kitchen.  You might not know that name but I'm pretty sure we all remember seeing them in some of our favorite movies.  Hollywood has understood the appeal of them for years.

This one is from the movie.....Baby Boom.

Julie and Julia

Under the Tuscan Sun

Sleepless in Seattle

The Holiday


And, of course, Practical Magic


Megs said…
I love your design ideas! I am rethinking the kitchen plans...
Kev Alviti said…
They look much more fun to make than a fitted kitchen!
Marcia said…
They look like what I would call country kitchens. Thanks for the explanation.
I remember them from my childhood!
I really would like a kitchen like that!

Hot here today and it'll be worse during the weekend.

Have a great day!

Kay said…
I have never heard that term, but those are all very charming kitchens.
Teacats said…
Just the most wonderful kitchens -- charming with lots of magical hospitality! Another fine example would be the Weasley's kitchen in the Harry Potter movies.
Of course my favorite one is the kitchen (and the greenhouse or orangery) from Practical Magic!

Can't wait to see more photos of your fabulous project!!
Teacats said…
Found another movie kitchen -- check out the kitchen from Its Complicated!!


Jan at Rosemary Cottage
Unknown said…
I loved the kitchen and the entire house on the movie Baby Boom.
I just watched Practical Magic again today, I love the kitchen in that (my favorite movie). I love unfitted kitchens and had no idea they were called that! I love the idea because I'm in a wheelchair and open lower cabinets and open shelving would be so much easier to navigate in a kitchen versus a traditional kitchen. I can't wait to your project evolve.
Teacats said…
Another recommendation - check out Period Homes magazine (from the UK) on Pinterest -- they have a whole pin board section on Period kitchens.

Cheers, Jan at Rosemary Cottage
Laura said…
oh yes! i love all those kitchens! and one day will have my own unfitted kitchen!
love, kisses and magical wishes...

ps...hugs to the pups!