Farm Country

Yesterday, we drove out to Mennonite farm country to stock up on local butter and eggs.  This is a serious farming area where you can see a house like this....

With this happening on their farm, a big dairy farm.  Not only did I get my eggs, but I got the first duck eggs I've seen in several years.  The W's will each have a fried duck egg for breakfast this morning.

It was pouring rain and I was flying down the highway but I captured a couple pics of sunflower fields.

This is the new thing; Cut Your Own Sunflowers.  People go out into the fields to cut their own bunch of sunflowers and take advantage of the photo op at the same time.  It is beautiful and I felt like I was in France or at least a van Gogh painting.

You can't see them yet but we saw field after field of PUMPKINS!!!  Be still my heart!

I brought some of those flowers home.  Soon, I will be filling my car with pumpkins.



Valerie said…
I love sunflowers and pumpkins. Some years I am fortunate enough to grow both.
Susan said…
Pumpkins and Halloween - Yay! Farm land is always very much enjoyed. Fields of sunflowers and giving visitors the option to cut a bouquet is a great idea. You are lucky to find duck eggs for sale.
Mennonites in Manitoba grow a lot of sunflowers too.
Long time since I saw a sunflower field here, I do like them a lot.

It looks as if You have the same weather as we do, lots of rain and for once I'm not complaining about it :-)

Have a great day!

Susan said…
There is nothing like a field of sunflowers! Oh, duck eggs! They are the best!
Guillaume said…
My son has a sunflower plant. It's growing very slowly. July is ending and I'm already in a Halloween mood. Oh and great pictures as always.
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