Hoagies and Electricity

I baked some large Italian hoagie rolls yesterday.

Very early this morning I will have plumbers, carpenters, A/C guys, masons and electricians arriving and I intend to make them lunch.  Hoagies are on the menu for today!

These pics are not very exciting but they do show progress.  As these projects always seem to go, we have encountered some unexpected problems.  One of which was some water on the new bathroom floor.  We found that the French drains that were installed 18 years ago where installed incorrectly along the back of the house and thus, basement water.  We never noticed this before because this small area was stacked with boxes from ceiling to floor.  No wonder those boxes were in bad shape when I went through them. The progress above is the new utility room being enclosed. I sure wish I could have used that room for something else.

More work in the bathroom.  This room might prove to be the biggest transformation.  My vanity arrives tomorrow.

Electricity!  Woohoo!

More electricity.  This room is going to be a pantry and it will have shelving from floor to ceiling.  I'll have counter height areas with receptacles so I can plug in appliances like my bread proofer and slow cookers just to keep them out of the way when in use.

I came up with a great idea to get rid of this behemoth radiator along with two big ones upstairs on the first floor.  I love radiant heat and will still have it but it will be nice to have fewer radiators.  This house was originally a duplex and therefore had enough radiators to heat two houses and they take up lots of room!

I was very excited to use a large Restoration Hardware piece from The Blog Tech's old house in this room but yesterday I realized there are two beams that are not going anywhere and it won't fit.  Back to the drawing board to figure out what to do with this area.

And this is another interesting problem, how to get electricity to the center island in the kitchen?  Because of the unique, i.e. wacky construction of this house, I am keeping the cement floor in the entire basement except for the bathroom.  Therefore, the electricity can not be run through the floor.  I've designed a pulley system where the outlets can be held up in the rafters and pulled down when I need to plug something in.  Then they can be raised back up when it's not in use.  Now I just have to get the electricians to make it happen and not have it look like it came out of a Jiffy Lube.  Stay tuned.


Mike said…
I hate it when the drywall goes up and covers up all the interesting stuff; the studs, the wiring, the plumbing; etc.
Susan said…
You are making great progress and everything is coming along. Living through construction and the discovery of problems is not easy. It is always a bumpy road. The end result will be fantastic. Your solution for outlets in the kitchen is pure genius. No Jiffy Lube solutions allowed.
Margaret said…
You are brilliant with these designs! I love the pulley system!
I love old houses and solutions! Keep more pictures coming and bring me a sandwich.
Guillaume said…
Looking good, both the bread and the work.
Bee Haven Bev said…
I can't wait for the big reveal!!!
Unknown said…
I wonder why it is that everyone who has had a house renovated, or is in the process of having a house renovated finds out that previous work was done, made or installed incorrectly? Following the progress and looking forward to seeing it all completed. Those hoagies are going to be delicious, I just know it.
renovations coming together. i bet those hoagies were delish