Winnie and Pizza

Have you ever?

Winnie on a walk doing her best Angelina Jolie Leg!

Yesterday, I made pizza for the workers.  First I made sauce.

I was a little embarrassed to give it to them because my ovens only go up to 500 degrees and that doesn't give me the very crisp crust I would like on my pizzas. I shouldn't have worried.

I made 4 large pizzas.  You can see that this one has the crust trimmed off.

That's because The W's believe fervently that all pizza crust belongs to them.  My husband and I haven't eaten pizza crust in 4 years.  Even when we go out for pizza,  the first thing we do is cut the crust off to take home.

The 6 workers got three big pies.  I have never had anyone gush about something I've cooked like these guys did.  I guess they never had homemade pizza before. They will get it often now over the next few months.  At least I hope this project is done in around 3 months.


Susan said…
She’s way better looking than Jolie! What a beauty!!! Be careful, with a steady stream of your cooking, this project may be stretched out for months.
The way to a man's heart is through pizza, I believe. And to the Ws, through pizza crusts!
She's so cute :-)

I belong to those who don't want the crust to be too crispy, I like it a bit chewy :-)
Those guys will never stop working for You when they get that delicious food :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
If I was working for you, I'd be paid in food and I would find it a fair deal.
I like the crust and like it not crispy. I wonder how long these men will stretch this job for food? I am quite sure they will work better with the food you feed them.
Unknown said…
I don't want to burst your bubble about the three months, but as good as that pizza looked and I'm sure tasted, you may be looking at way more than three months before your workers are finished. Just sayin'. Winnie's pose was too funny. How sexy!
Kathryn said…
Good morning ! 💕 Thanks for the chuckle over the crust. Too funny
Valerie said…
We call the crusts 'pizza bones' here. And no, they never last.
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