A Fair in the Woods

We arrived at yesterday's festival just before it opened and it was already packed.  I took photos around the people as much as I could so you really can't see how crowded it was. It was hard to walk around because of the crowd.

The Halloween burn barrels were selling fast.

There were fall decorations everywhere.

These hanging vases with ivy and spider plants were so pretty.

All things made from antlers.

I would like to have a giant acorn on my roof.

I went a little crazy over this woman's witch hat.

I haven't made any witch hats in a while but I might make a few more this year after seeing this one.

The were butterflies, bees and elves among the mushrooms.

There were thousands of people here and I counted 5 people wearing masks. We were two of them.

This was in Trump country so I doubt that many were vaccinated.

I might need this bear!

Broom making.
These garden trellises are made out of bamboo.

I have a cauldron and tripod like this and think I should have it on display with mums for Fall.

Wooden wind spinners.

Lots of food booths.

I loved the two headed doll on the left.

A handmade child's booster chair.

All of this vintage looking Halloween stuff was nicely done.

There were Xmas items here and there.

I almost made it out of there without buying anything until I saw the basket hut.  I might have bought a few baskets here. Hehe...who doesn't need a new basket or two?

We left in quite a hurry because the crowd just made us too uncomfortable.  I haven't been around this many people in almost two years.  I hated crowds well before the pandemic and now I really don't want to be in one. It was a real head shaker to see masses of people elbow to elbow with no masks.  I could care less but it was a bit surprising to see just how rude we were treated because we were wearing masks. There were endless dirty looks cast in our direction. The only logical conclusion is that we were democrats among throngs of republicans.  What a mess this country is!


Mary V said…
That child’s chair is beautiful…all those maskless people are scary. My that hat is something, must have taken hours to make.
Leanna said…
Such great talent. I love seeing what people can make. It's awesome.
Lots of fun things :-) I've never seen a windspinner like those! I really like them! I wonder how difficult it is to make one :-)

In the photo with the two headed doll I fell hard for the second from the right :-) That is how I felt today because the lazy cattle workers hadn't removed the electric wires across the roads so that Alma got stung by them.

Have a great day!

The baskets are my favorite! Are the burn barrels a tradition or part of a celebration?
Guillaume said…
Oh I envy you so much! We went to the wood this weekend, but there was no autumn festival and no Halloween stuff. In fact, I haven't seen a sign of Halloween as of yet.
1st Man said…
What a great place. LOVE those baskets. One can never have too many baskets can they?

A couple of weeks ago we went to a place that was crowded, no one had masks on except us, and 2nd Man goes "we need to leave I don't feel comfortable". To be honest, I can handle the grocery store but really crowded events, I'd feel like having a panic attack. It's gonna be a long while before we get back to normal, I'm afraid...
Unknown said…
Sorry those idiot Trumpers had to ruin your outing with all their dirty looks. He's ruined so many things and now a simple outing can't be done without his cults wrath. If I would've been there I probably would've gotten into a dozen heated exchanges. And he's so not worth it. They would've really hated my "lock him up" t-shirt. LOL
That hat is amazing, so detailed. I miss getting out and going to festivals and craft fairs. I'm inside doing lockdown 2.0 from smoke and the Delta variant burning thru my area. I'll keep wearing my mask no matter, I think I get away with it a little easier as I use a wheelchair but we get dirty looks here too. Fall cannot come soon enough.
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DrumMajor said…
I think you have some response entries above that are from hawkers or hackers.

What are burn barrels? I know some people use big metal barrels to roll as toys or burn twigs and such in.

Looks like a lovely fair minus the invisible politics. Most folks outside don't wear masks, but in close proximity to others or standing in crowded lines would certainly call for it by smart folks.
Linda in Kansas