Valerie said…
SO Tired! The whole Repugnican party seems to be eating paint chips and swilling grain alcohol. I just saw that Sarah Palin is thinking of entering politics again. Bitch, your 15 minutes are up! Sigh.
Mary Trump's book sure paints a picture of a failure! I am tired, too. But, not too tired to give in and give up my mask!
Good ones, Joyce, and all on point!
As always great ones!

have a great day!

Leanna said…
Great stuff. I love the "what doesn't kill you mutates" meme. I have to steal that one.
Guillaume said…
Yup, great ones, as always.
Susan said…
Yes, for sure...I'm tired of all this!

Unknown said…
I think we Americans are just weary. Weary of the Republicans, weary of the lies, weary of the deniers, weary of the hate. It's wearing us down. And of course we have one person to blame for this. Yup, the evil, orange, corrupt clown. For me, it always comes back around to this horrible human being. Well he's not really human. More like a soulless blob.