Here is some of the latest progress on the basement project.  I have walls!  This will be my pantry.  I was afraid when the drywall went up that it would make areas look smaller and much to my delight the pantry looks larger.  This is going to be a very nice sized pantry.  this room is about 10X10 feet.

And I have doors!  I wanted to use antique doors but all of my openings are very odd sizes so I had to have them custom made.  This is the door between the kitchen and the TV room.  It will also be a craft room though the crafts will be hidden.

The present bathroom. It is on hold because I am doing the ordering for all of the plumbing fixtures and since I am not a plumber, I made a few mistakes. But, the last of the parts should be in next week.  I'm learning!

The lighting is bad because they are using construction lighting right now.  I have two new staircases.  I am so happy because when my nephew and his family stayed here for The Blog Tech's wedding, my great niece fell down these stairs and I still feel bad about that.  I sent her a pic of the new stairs as soon as they went in.

This is the view from the future kitchen into the TV room.
And this is the best news ever!  I decided to replace all of the posts with new steel supports and then wrap them with wood and stain them because the old ones were so ugly.  I was teasing the foreman about how I would make the decision after they told me how many millions it would cost.  I went down later in the day and the one carpenter said he thought he could save me some money.  He went around and sanded some areas on the posts and beams.  He found that there was really nice wood underneath almost 100 years of paint.  We are keeping the original ones which makes me very happy.

This is the beam that had to be reinforced when we took out the posts.  It's sided with literally a ton of steel riveted together through the old beam. I walked in and found the carpenters fretting over how they would wrap this one.  I told them to sand and stain the exposed part of the beam and leave the steel and rivets exposed.  This might end up being my favorite part of this whole project. The carpenters were so relieved.

I am using pocket doors wherever I can to save space. This is the pocket door to the pantry which was installed today.

This is the mechanics for it.

This is another set of new stairs leading to the dining room.

I have them building closets under both sets of stairs.  I am using every square inch that I can.

Another sanded post. this is getting exciting!


Mary V said…
Looks like progress but a long way to go. I am patiently waiting for finish. It will be an amazing space.
Starting to look good!

That hundred year old paint has really protected those posts!

Have a great day!

Mike said…
"and leave the steel and rivets exposed."
Nice. Now, instead of drywall, have them put up plastic sheets so you can still see the studs, wiring, and plumbing.
Gwen Buchanan said…
oh, mama, I love renovating.. wish I could find a place to do that again
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i know gwen, me too! i can't get enough of it.
This make me want to renovate something! I love it.
JustGail said…
it's looking good, and cool that the old posts can be $aved. I like the under-stairs closets. I'm sort of confused - why couldn't they build the door openings to fit antique doors? It seems like *if* you had doors on had to measure, they could make door jams sized to fit??
jaz@octoberfarm said…
a lot of the walls are stone and load-bearing so i had to work with the size that was there.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
oh...and there were no doors on some of these rooms before, just openings.
Kev Alviti said…
Looks like it'll be an amazing space!
Guillaume said…
Your basement project is progressing way faster than my office project and my revamped Wolfie's bedroom project.
Unknown said…
Believe it or not, out of everything you showed, I loved the pantry with the sliding doors the best. It's gonna be so cool.
Rain said…
Oh Joyce, things are progressing!!! Staircases!!! How exciting! :)