Zoar, Ohio

It's been quite  a few years since we attended the annual Zoar Antique show so it was very nice to return there yesterday.  Excuse the quality of the photos because I didn't realize until I was loading these last night that I had my camera on the wrong setting.  Sometimes I really piss myself off!

Zoar was settled by German separatists in 1817 and is still pretty much exactly as it was over 200 years ago.  People still occupy all of the homes.

This home is a bed and breakfast.

All of the homes have beautiful gardens.

Click for a closer look.

The corner of this garden is planted with nasturtiums and I am going to do this in my garden next year.  So simple but so pretty.

I love the old grinding stone on this porch.

I also love how they've decorated their front door.

This is the original hitching stone.

The attention to detail in this town is so impressive.

Even the garages are attractive. This one has a car that matches it.

This home is for sale for 300,000.00. 

The fence surrounding it is topped with grapevines.

This home originally was the boys dormitory. Zoar was founded as a communal village.

The antique show was set up under tents.

The Zoar meeting house.

Another cute house with wonderful landscaping.

This is the village bakery. 

It has these wonderful windows which open on both sides of the building to let a cool breeze blow through.  I wish I had a window like this to sit my pies on to cool.

Baked goods for sale.

A pic of the communal garden.  I will post more pics tomorrow.


Looks like a fun time on a beautiful day!
I really enjoy seeing these old amercan towns and villages You show here. So unlike ours. In the 60's and 70's they tore down so much of our old buildings that we have very little left.

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
I love old houses. That B&B must be really expensive1 It looks gorgeous. Oh and I'd have some of these pies for dessert.