Zoar Part 2

I thought you might like to have a look inside the antique tents.  Enjoy!



Some wonderful stuff there! And those beautiful quilts! That big pretzel caught my eye too.
Mary V said…
Oh my, what wonderful things especially the chairs…I admit to a chair fetish.
I guess that Grape Ola never became that big success they hoped :-) :-)

Lots of things I would like tio buy :-) including the grape ola sign :-)

Have a great day!

I will have a bottle of Grapeola. And, I want one of those dough bowls. These were all so interesting. Such good fun!
Guillaume said…
Lovely pictures, it's like walking through a different time.
Susan said…
I so adore the quality and workmanship that used to be put in to making any product. Today, quality seems lacking. Thank you for the tour.
Unknown said…
I wouldn't mind having that red pie safe. So pretty!