Granted, I have been distracted from Fall this year to a certain point because of my project but nonetheless, I am thrilled that it is finally here.

Today, Fall is being ushered in by rain and tonight we will be the coolest we have been since last Spring.

This is the latest I can remember having unrelenting Summer weather.  We have had five scathingly hot months and I could not be more ready for a break.

I made an apple mabon cake for the workers this morning and an apple crisp for my husband. The pups are getting a roasted chicken.

We missed having weeks of Fall-like weather this year so it will be a much shorter season.

I plan to enjoy every last second of it.

I will build a fire each night and open my doors and windows to let the wonderful smell into the house.

And I will be baking lots of apple pies too.  Are you ready for Fall?


Valerie said…
Ahhhh, Fall! Welcome and blessed be!
Marcia LaRue said…
Fall ... yes!
Winter ... No!!
Borrowed the Equinox meme!!
Your pies always looks so delish ... makes me drool!! LOL
bobbie said…
Happy Autumnal Equinox!!!
Mabon blessings to you and yours, Joyce!
Blessed be to you and yours. Thank you for years of support to who I am.
Unknown said…
I loved every one of those pictures. Yes, I am so ready for Fall? I was ready on June 1st. It has been too hot, too humid and too long for my liking. Why can't summer be shorter and Fall be longer? In a perfect world it would be. Climate change isn't helping one darn bit, making summer stretch on endlessly it seems. But Fall is here now, the days are cooler and shorter and I am happy.
Unknown said…
Yes I am so ready for Fall. Sorry about the question mark.
Guillaume said…
Gorgeous pictures. I've been ready all year for autumn. For me it starts with September and does not wait until the equinox, but still, it's a special date for me.
Kathryn said…
Loved your post. In Fl we were 69 this morning. Unfortunately I no longer get to experience fall living in the south
LOVE it. best time of year, hands down. enjoy every moment.