Another Festival

Though the weather has been anywhere close to Fall-like, we are still traveling to festivals.  We had to drive through a field of corn to get to this one.

We entered between colorful marigold beds.

The vendors were all dressed in Early American costumes.

Pony rides.

We headed to our favorite booth.

The headless horsemen are tables.

The Creature from The Black Lagoon.

Treats could be found everywhere.

We came home with a few of these apples covered in caramel, nuts and chocolate.

Antiques displayed and for sale.

Lots of very nice pottery.

And lots of blown glass too.

Spinning, weaving and hand hooked rugs.  The small rugs cost around 300.00.  Having hooked rugs myself, they are worth every penny.

This guy travels here with his wood burning oven and bakes loaves of bread.

Painted gourds.

Gnome gourds.

A witch and her toads.

An owl and mice.

You can buy colonial garb too.

The food stands.

And the best smoked sausage sandwich you've ever eaten.

As you could see, there were not many people in my pics.  That is because we were the first ones through the gates.  We were leaving as the crowd was arriving.

I came home with a felted owl.

He's sitting on his nest with an oak leaf and an acorn.

And I bought an acorn pottery box too.

This one will go to my witch shed.

My Daughter bought this little felted chef.  Today is the last official Sunday of Summer.  Mabon is on the horizon and with it comes our first Fall weather.  I can't wait!


I love those woven baskets, the gnome gourds and those adorable frog gourds!
Mary V said…
Love the green toads!
Lots of things I liked there!

It's a bit fun because I have a wight made from wood that looks just like those gourd gnomes :-) :-)

Have a great day!

I love baskets. I think every last thing is a favorite of mine! Your owl is fabulous!
Guillaume said…
We need these kinds of festivals here. I love your purchases, especially the owl.