Some Fall For You

I am seriously making sure that I do something Fall-like every single day.  It goes by so fast.

Every single night I build a fire in either my fire pit or my chiminea.

My Daughter and I drove to the country to stock up on eggs and butter and PUMPKINS!!!  We saw this rainbow on our way there.

The shops have burst wide open with Fall.

Willie keeps knocking the pumpkins off of my front porch.  We figured that if we brought this one home, it would be safe.

Most of the corn has been harvested.

Apple cider slushies are popular right now.

Pumpkins anyone?


Candlestick lights.

We loved these zombies and I am not even a zombie person.  But these guys are cool.

I brought these sunflowers home for my kitchen.  We are going back to the country in a different direction today on the hunt for unpasteurized apple cider. It is getting harder to find but I have a good idea where I can find some.  I hate that places pasteurize cider these days.  It has such a bland taste compared to the unpasteurized.  There's nothing that screams Fall more than a nice cold mug of cider.


I haven't seen a single pumpkin for sale over here yet but we do have autumn colors in all trees now :-)

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
great pictures, as always. I am feeling very autumnal these days.
That's one big monster pumpkin!
We went to a demonstration farm where they were making cider or maybe just apple juice as we watched them squeeze the apples. I really hate apple juice, cannot stand it even though I love apples. This freshly squeezed apple juice was so delicious! I went to the country and bought some fall foods and a pumpkin for the porch. My trip was nothing to compare with yours.
Unknown said…
What beautiful pictures! Every one of them just screams Fall. I loved those little metal trucks and that metal turkey with the hat. And yup, Fall goes by so fast, so enjoy every single day of it.
Sharon said…
Thank you for sharing these pictures! I always get a kick out of your blog!