A Quck Smile

 Just a quick smile for today.  I don't even have pics of Willie yet.  This is anything but easy and requires at least 4 hands at all times. Dr. Winnie wants to examine her new patient which is not such a good idea. We will settle into the new routine eventually but not yet!  Going through this with two pups complicates things considerably.  But Wille is doing well. He was very hungry.  It seems that he dd not like hospital food and wouldn't eat it.  Someone is a little spoiled by having all of his meals cooked for him everyday. At the hospital they told my daughter to add some canned food to his dry food to get him to eat it and she just giggled.  Hopefully, I will have some photos for tomorrow.


Willie's not going to eat that hospital slop when he gets gourmet eats at home! Thinking of him and you today and sending best wishes!
Marcia LaRue said…
I do not envy your current circumstance, however, I totally admire your dedication to your furbaby!
Guillaume said…
It is quite difficult when an animal is sick or wounded. But at least he's getting better!
Just Ducky said…
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Just Ducky said…
We always used a crate to confine the patient after ACL surgery. Much easier, especially at night.
I'm pretty sure he'll eat as soon as he smells Your food :-)

Have a great day!

Valerie said…
Wishing Willie a speedy recovery--I'm sure the home made gourmet food will help!
The hospital food might have made him ill.

So, my tongs are talking through you?
Unknown said…
Funny joke. Feel better Willie.