An Old Fashioned Apple Pie

Willie is doing well but I'm not so sure about me.  I am not good at sitting around and not doing much.  But, that is exactly what I am doing this Fall as I help Willie heal.  My daughter is spotting me as often as she can and so while she was here yesterday, I baked an apple pie.

I just had to do something Fall-like and what is more Fall than an apple pie?

For years I have been making caramel apple pies but yesterday I felt the need to make something as basically autumnal as possible.  So, I made a classic apple pie and I am so glad I did.

I used honey crisp apples for it because I think they are much better than Granny Smiths.  If you want the recipe, you can click here:




Mary V said…
I can smell it from here……yummmmmmm
Marcia LaRue said…
OMG ...that pie 🥧 looks good enough to eat! Just looking at makes me salivate ... definitely drool-worthy!
You are definitely going to need more then a few respites during Willie's healing time!
My mouth is watering! I made a cinnamon apple loaf the other day using honeycrisps too.
Marcia said…
One of those is in my future for Saturday night.
There really are very few things that's better than an old fashion apple pie to be honest :-)

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
It looks delicious. And I'm not even a fan of apple pie.
Mike said…
When you mail me my apple pie, make sure to pack it carefully. I don't want it to get hurt in the mail. :)
Unknown said…
That looks delicious. Apple pie is Autumn. A scoop of vanilla ice cream and you're all set. Feel better Willie!
Valerie said…
I've made about 3 apple pies in the past couple of weeks, two for my neighbor, who apparently lives on pie. I love how the house smells while they are baking. Your pie looks beautiful and delicious!