It's Almost Halloween

As I endlessly sit in the garden room with Willie, I am lamenting the end of October.  We squeezed in as much as we could before his surgery, but we were still having hot sunny, Summer weather back then. Now that the weather is cool, damp and spooky, I am stuck in the house.  I was looking at past Halloween's and found this pick of my porch rooftop from years ago.

And a decorated front porch from when, I do not remember.

Decorations I made in the past.

And food, my bat stew.  No stew this year.

And no spiderweb rolls.

My kids used to love it when I made them candy corn pizza.

And my famous baked brain.

That can't be truly appreciated until you cut into it. (Baked brie)

And all of the nights with fires in the fire pit. Now I am building fires and cranking open the garden room windows so the pups and I can enjoy the smoke.

I found this pic of my old potting table ready for Fall.  The pups and I will enjoy each of these last days of October as I tell Willie little stories about how he will be able to run around and play one of these days as soon as he heals.  He likes these stories.



Oh, I remember your posts about the baked brain! Truly outstanding.
Mike said…
I need to build a fire pit in my yard. Project number 283.
The baked brain is a favorit of mine :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Kay said…
You are absolutely amazing and so so creative. Happy Halloween to you! My grandsons can hardly wait for the fun day.
Guillaume said…
I can't believe how quickly time went by (I know, I know, what a cliché). Here we are all stuck home with a cold. But this gives me plenty of time for some spooky reading. Great pictures, as always. Would lvoe to try that food.
Unknown said…
That front porch photo is absolutely gorgeous. It doesn't seem fair that this is your favorite time of year and you can't do anything. No bat stew? No spider web rolls? No sitting out by the fire pit? It's just wrong. I know you're being a good mom and Willie needs you right now but still......