Scary Halloween

Halloween used to be a lot scarier than it is today.  During the Victorian era, these postcards depicted people's ideas of Halloween.  I remember being so frightened as a child when I saw these.



But they don't have the overwhelming blood, gore and horror of today's imagery.
jaime said…
During the Victorian times people's sensibilities were much more delicate. We have become inured to the blood and gore and many would view these as quaint and a little twee. While these postcards do not have the blood and gore of today’s imagery, they do leave a lot to the imagination and are, in some ways, more frightening. I found the first one quite disturbing. Please excuse me while I repair to my fainting couch!
I really like these cards!

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
I love,love, LOVE those vintage images.
Unknown said…
Yeah, not so much a fan of the devils with the pumpkins. Kinda creepy. Must've scared the bejeebers out of the poor little kiddies back then. Eeeek!!