Some Progress

The hundred-plus year old beams and posts are in the process of being sanded.  Look at the beauty that was hidden under all of those years of paint.

I am so happy to be able to keep these wonderful posts and beams.  The pipes?  Not so much.

My carpenter had to fill in between the new stairs and the stone wall.  It was a creepy black abyss before.  He cut the board to fit the shape of the stone wall.  I love it.

And just in time for Halloween, I have a few of these!  I don't even want to know what is in there but I'm sure not sticking my hand in to find out!  These will all be sealed and will magically disappear.

Here is a pic of Winnie on her solo morning walk without her brother.  Today is 2 weeks post op for Willie!  Just 12 more weeks to go.


I'm sure Winnie misses her brother on her walks!
Mary V said…
The staircase is amazing. At first glance it just looks like, well stairs. Enlarged and you can see how your carpenter fitted it!
Teacats said…
Everything looks wonderful!! Much love to the gorgeous dogs too!

You could consider placing a small bundle of herbs and a pinch of salt to set magical wards inside the dark holes before they are filled over by the carpenters!


Jan at Rosemary Cottage (well - Hemlock Cottage for Halloween here on Cemetery Hill! LOL!)
JustGail said…
I'm thinking add a plastic skull, rubber chicken, fake gold coins, or some other item for whoever might uncover them someday. Maybe a miniature recreation of dogs playing poker? A sign saying "Finally I'm found!"? Nothing really scary or horrid, just enough to make whoever finds them wonder what kind of joker would do that.
It looks great! and I wouldn't put my hand in there either :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
I suspect there are goblins in that hole. Or kobolds. Oh and in the last picture: is that the building from Ghostbuster in the background?
Unknown said…
I dare you to shine a light inside that hole to see what's in there. It is close to Halloween after all ;-) Winnie's so cute. Feel better Willie!