Sunday Smiles



Guillaume said…
Cohen, Hoffman and Pacino do look like each other.
Leanna said…
ahahahaahaaahahaa! I love the Beetles meme. That was cute. That Metallica meme is so true. Kids nowadays are just discovering all our hard rock music and claiming it for their own. So funny when they see the band and how old they really are now.
Love the Beatles! The last one--anticipated traffic.
Beetles crossing Abby Road, LOL!
Mike said…
If that is James Hetfield, he's hiding in plain sight.
Great ones but I really laughed out loud when I read the second to last one :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Unknown said…
I don't think I could ever get high enough to eat that pizza, bacon, french fry, burger. Gross!
Sharon said…
too funny about the Highway to Hell and Stairway to Heaven declaration.