Witchy Things

This is how Willie lays these days, booboo out behind him with his good leg tucked underneath. I guess it's comfortable.

My 'crow on a fence' tiered candy stand and a cauldron of M&M's.  My husband has a sweet tooth and I am constantly  refilling this.

My warty pumpkin tea cup with it's glittery spoon.

An old crock.

Another tea cup.

I hate anything that smells of chemicals so I am quite choosy when I buy candles.  These are some of my favorites. Click for a closer look.

This one is huge and it is charcoal scented, but in a good way.

A vintage ceramic match holder.

Cauldron salt and peppers.

A witch hat incense burner.

And my favorite witch handmade incense burner. The smoke comes out of the stars on her hat.

The witch sisters.

And my little witch Winnie taking her afternoon nap.


That warty pumpkin mug rocks!
Rain said…
I LOVE that match holder and the warty pumpkin tea cup!!! The sisters are cool too. Oh the dogs...napping, they look so comfy! :)
I do lie that pumpkin tea cup! and I can honestly say that all that candy would be gone within minutes in my home :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Leanna said…
Poor Willie. I really feel for him. I love the cauldron salt and pepper shakers and the witch sisters. They are so cute.
Mike said…
I keep my M&M's in the refrigerator. I like the colder crunch.
That is quite a collection of witchy items!
Unknown said…
Lots of neat things. I absolutely love that vintage ceramic match holder. I hear you on the candles, I stopped burning those cheap ones a long time ago. My husband has a major sweet tooth too. I got him hooked on dark chocolate, so now he snacks on somewhat healthy snacks.