Christmas Decorating

My Daughter started her decorating the moment Thanksgiving was over.  After 38 years of decorating for my kids, I really get a kick out of seeing them decorated their own homes.

This is cousin Eddie kicking the bosses butt from Chevy Chases Christmas Vacation.  She and her husband collect things from that movie.  That's Eddie's RV in the background.

Before my kids were born I bought a Z model train in Germany intending to set it up for the holidays.  I nevr did and it sat in a brown bag in a closet until last year when I gave it to The Chef.  He built this platform for it and they have it set up  in their bedroom.

This is Chevy Chase's station wagon bringing home the tree.

Clark Griswold's house.

My Daughter has nightlights all over her house too.  These project things on the walls.

Click for a closer look at the decorations.

The Chef was telling some of the people that work in his kitchen that he lives in a Christmas house.  They were laughing and he said, no, I REALLY live in a Christmas house. He is right.

And then she put up the tree.



Lori said…
Beautiful decorations. The first fireplace is amazing.
So beautiful, especially that tree! And they are SERIOUS "Christmas Vacation" collectors! So all I can say in tribute is -- "shitter's full!"
I always watch Christmas Vacation every Christmas :-) The best christmas movie ever made :-) :-)

I too have a z train set and I was planning on setting it up this christmas but since Alma tends to eat anything she can reach I'll let it be until she stops with that habit :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
It's time now isn't it? We're doing a great tidying of the house today and tomorrow we will probably get the Christmas tree up. Wolfe is so impatient.
Mike said…
I start thinking about Christmas on Dec 24th when I head out to Walgreens to get presents.
Kay said…
These are such fun Christmas decorations. I do love seeing how others enjoy decorating for the holidays.
Rain said…
LOVE the way she decorated!!! I just watched Christmas Vacation last night! Randy Quaidd is the best in that movie!! :)
I love it all. I have never seen nightlights that project a pattern on the wall.
Unknown said…
I love that first picture with the fireplace. My husband loves the movie Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase and has to watch it every year. Sometimes twice. I don't see the fascination. I saw it at the movies when it first came out and frankly that was enough for me.