More Basement Progress

The pantry shelves have all been built.

I have three walls with these shelves and then a smaller wall that I forgot to photograph.

This is the entry to the pantry.  The door is not installed yet.

All of these shelves are being hand sanded and will be sealed.

My vanity top and sink are installed too.

As is one panel of shower glass.  Something must have happened to the other piece but I haven't heard anythng about it yet.

Yesterday the vanity was covered and the room was painted.  

I have doors on my boiler room too!

The appliance wall is painted.  They arrive next week.

These pipes run right through the kitchen.  They wanted three thousand dollars to raise them 12 inches.  I chose to live with them at this height. 


I had to replace the floor in one of the original bathrooms on the second floor so I had them use the same tile they used in the basement.

To replace the shower floor tile and keep the integrity of the wall tile, we simply raised the drain a bit and tiled right on top of the old tile.

This project is at the stage that once the appliances are in place, things should move pretty quickly. At least that is when I am telling myself.  We are going on 7 months at this point.  Oh, the plumber was here yesterday and I  asked him if the water line I asked him to run to the new refrigerator that is coming for the first floor kitchen was ready for the installation next week and he replied, no one told me to run a line there.  OMG!  I told him, the foreman told him, the assistant told him AND he removed everything from under the sink so he could look at the lines.  Thar was 6 months ago. Now my hardwood floor has been torn up to add the line.  Will you all write to me when I am in jail for murder? The good news is that today starts week 7 of Willie's recovery.  Next Tuesday marks the halfway point.

He wants to be out in the snow on the stairs again!


No jury would convict you of murdering that mofo plumber!
DrumMajor said…
It all looks so different from when you started! I'd love to have that much shelving. Yep, there's always a hiccup, but what's in writing is what counts. I'd think most plumbers would know that most fridges come with water hoses for the ice makers. Be sure and have a party when you get everything done. For sure, before you go to jail. After he's finished, maybe send the plumber to jail. Linda in Kansas
WAIT! We can all be your alibi.
I like seeing the progress!

I think that would go under self defence to not go crazy :-) :-) but if not I will writeto You :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Rain said…
I'll write to you and even make you the cake with the file in it! :) Or maybe I'll sweet talk the judge lol! I can't believe it's the halfway point for Willie already!
Susan said…
Looking good. Hopefully the plumber will make good on his error. Project blips are infuriating. Willie looks adorable on his snowy perch.
Unknown said…
I agree, no jury in the country will convict you, so do what you need to do to that plumber. Seriously. Yay for Willie being almost to the halfway point of his recovery. It's going fast. Or easy for me to say. LOL LOL