The Day After

I made full tummies everywhere yesterday.  It was sad that we all could not get together but it still was a very nice Thanksgiving.

The Chef smoked a turkey and I roasted one. He made his famous braised celery too.

I mashed potatoes.

And made gravy to top them.

Small sweet potato casseroles.

Lots of stuffing.

This year I added an apple, pecan coleslaw. It was a hit.


Pumpkin pies.

And pecan pies.

It's over!

The W's particularly enjoyed The Chef's smoked turkey!  I hope you had a good one too!


Everything looks wonderful and I bet that pecan/apple coleslaw is delicious!
Leanna said…
Everything looks sooooo good. I need to try that slaw. I love slaw. We had a nice quiet dinner as usual. Everything was homemade as much as I could try. David even tried my cranberry sauce which is saying a lot because he loves the canned junk.
Kay said…
Happy Day After Thanksgiving. I always love seeing the amazing dishes you all make.
Guillaume said…
The day after the celebration, whatever the celebration is (Halloween, Christmas, Easter), I always feel bittersweet, if not downright melancholic. But hey, this turkey looks delicious. All the food on these pictures looks delicious.