Chanukah and Menorahs

Debra at She Who Seeks posted about The Festival of Lights yesterday and it made me think that many of you might never have seen how my Jewish neighbors celebrate. On the first night of Chanukah, the celebrants come out en masse with menorahs on their cars to participate in the parade.

Some of them buy the standard blow mold menorah to attach to their roof.

Others get very creative and make their own.

Of course, the kids are involved too!

The cars line up for the parade.

Families drive around town playing music and singing.

When I was young, you occasionally saw one or two families doing this.  Now it has caught on and has become a major celebration.

The men dance the traditional dances.

 And some of the kids dress up like dreidels.  Such fun!


I sat down and reas about Chanukah yesterday, I've known about the celebration but never actually known why. I have never seen anything like this though.

Have a great day!

I never knew any such thing existed. How fun!
DrumMajor said…
I never knew about this parade. Nice to see a good celebration with everyone happy! Linda in Kansas
These photos are so awesome! I've never heard of the menorahs-on-cars tradition before. Very cool!
Unknown said…
Happy Hanukkah to all our Jewish friends.